My name is Xiao Yang, a jack of most trades with an MFA in Digital Arts from Bowling Green State University.

I am a first generation Chinese immigrant who experienced an American upbringing. Due to this shift in culture, I felt disconnected with my heritage. As an artist, I create in order to learn more about myself and dive deeper into an inheritance I’ve neglected. My recent works often reference Asian culture or personal memories because of this growing curiosity.


The advancement of technology, especially in CGI and gaming, is a huge influence on my decision to become an artist. I like to work digitally due to the versatility of techniques it offers, often mixing traditional ideas with modern mediums. I also find simplicity and bright colors appealing as well as somewhat representative of my personality. They help realize the vibrant beautiful world I see in my head.

Inspired by mythology, nature, and culture, fluidity is a key element in my work. Using organic forms in visual and concept design, I create ambiguous and decorative pieces, allowing deciphering of the narrative to become a journey. Focusing on aesthetics and elements of design, my art tells weaves together the memories and thoughts of a culturally displaced individual.